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Registering Your Domain Name

Once you choose your domain name, you have a number of options in reserving your name. You can:

The first option above is recommended for businesses where a specific domain name is integrally tied to the business. In this case, you will likely want to own the domain name yourself so that you have full control of this name. In this way, you can choose to change your web hosting service without worrying about disruption in Internet service if the domain name must be transferred to a different hosting service. You will also be directly responsible for renewing this name annually.

Domain name registrations commonly cost between $7 and $25 a year depending upon options. For example, at the higher price, you can choose to have your name registered anonymously so that your name, address and email address are not publicly available on the Internet.

If the domain name is registered by a web hosting service or by a web designer, the domain name will be "owned" or controlled by that hosting service or designer. The domain name ownership can be transferred at anytime.

Domain names are case insensitive. So, although you may have reserved, the Internet user can type (or any such combination of lower and upper case letters) to get to your site. Domain names can use upper or lower case letters (abc ...), numbers (123...) and dashes/hyphens (---). Spaces are not allowed and the domain can't begin or end with a dash.

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