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Envisioning An Identity

A tour company, Prairie Wind Tours, based in the grasslands of South Dakota offers an enriched, cultural experience for small groups of adults interested in Native American culture. The name is reflective of indigenous culture, was chosen to convey movement across the Great Plains, and lends itself well to illustration.

Creating an effective identity includes gathering ideas from many sources and researching:

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Brand Marks and Logos

A gingko tree is immediately recognized because of its unusual fan shaped leaf. The gingko leaf functions as an easily identifiable symbol for the ginkgo's lesser known tree shape or bark.

Envision your company logo as the initial and easy to read snapshot others receive about you. For this reason the best brand marks are clever, memorable, and abstract.

Colordance Design collaborates with you to create a successful brand mark. Together we identify the essence of your business temperament and the broader culture in which it thrives. This process can involve the following:

Your brand mark is effective when it meets the following criteria:

Successful brand marks differ in how they are constructed. They vary from letter based logotypes, to pictorial icons with/without logotypes, to word marks where a word based logotype utilizes a stylized image letter substitution. In some situations brand marks may be purely symbolic.

In all cases, simple logos are most effective, as they must be reproduced in a variety of sizes and applications, and in black and white as well as color.

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