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Identifying Your Website Requirements

As you envision your website, consider the following:

  1. Purpose. What is the purpose of your website? What message do you want to convey to the Internet user that views your site?
  2. Research Other Sites. What websites have a visual look and content similar to what you prefer for your site?
  3. Concept. What creative metaphor or theme would add spirit and meaning to your business identity?
  4. Color and Style. What color scheme, typographic treatment and design style evolves from your concept in relation to your target audience?
  5. Tag Line. Have you considered inventing a tag line—a short slogan or phrase which helps describe and sell your business?
  6. Content.How much content do you have already? What do you need to create that encompasses your design theme?
  7. Hierarchy of Information. How do you plan to organize your hierarchy of information into global navigation headings and pages? Have you considered the natural flow of information your website visitor would expect? How would you categorize the most to the least important content on your site?
  8. Time Line. Do you have time constraints?
  9. Budget. What are your budget considerations?
  10. Domain Name. What domain name would you like to use? Is it available? Have you already reserved it? (e.g.
  11. Key Words. What key words characterize your site? For optimal search engine ranking, you should provide 20-25 words that describe or are related to your organization and its function. These key words will be listed in the html header fields when your website is constructed and can affect search engine performance.
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