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Content Hierarchy and Global Navigation

Your hierarchy of information refers to the organization of your content from the most to the least important. Think about the natural flow of information your viewer expects to see, as they navigate through your website. Sequence your content topics from first to second and so on.

Give each topic a broad label so it will be easy to add additional content at a future date, if you choose. These labels become your global navigation links on your primary navigation. Select one word whenever possible and limit your general headings to a maximum of seven for ease of movement throughout your site. Examples of common global navigation headings include Home, About, Services, Products or Services, News and Contact.

Arrange the more specific information on your site underneath each of the related global headings. These become your individual web pages. You may create introductory pages that viewers first click on with more specialized content to follow on subsequent pages. Web sites with many pages of content work well with drop down menus. This allows viewers to quickly scan your site for the details they require. You tell us what pages you need. We work together to determine your site map.

You provide your edited text for these pages in Word or text files, appropriately named. Concise, newspaper style writing is best as viewers are scanning when they read on the internet. Bullets are helpful where appropriate. Plan on no more than 250 words per screen. Integrating your primary key words within your website content and headings takes into account optimal search engine ranking. If you need help writing your copy and organizing your text, we have copy editor we can refer you to.

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