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Hosting Your Website

By now, you should have settled on your domain name (e.g. We need to make sure that this name has not already been reserved and then reserve it so that we can build your site with your domain name. Domain name reservation is done directly through a domain name registrar or through a web hosting company and typically requires an annual fee.

Normally, for us to develop and maintain the site, we would host the site from the web hosting service that we currently contract with. If you have already reserved a name with a different hosting service, our web hosting service does not require you to transfer your domain name registration. However, if you don't, you need to provide us with the name servers that were provided to you when you originally reserved your domain name. These should have been in your welcome email.

It is also possible to transfer your domain name to our hosting service registrar. This can with a small additional charge however, we need the contact details for the current registrar (i.e. who you registered the name with). A few days after we make the request to transfer the name, you will receive an email from your original domain registrar asking you to authorize the change. A transfer can take up to a week.

Unfortunately, many requests to the current registrars are denied and no reason is given, so sometimes this does not work. This can get somewhat complicated so we recommend reserving the domain name with the same company that will host the site unless you have experience in this area. Once we get this all worked out, we will put the website up on your reserved domain name for your review.

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