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Visual Concept

Hierarchy of Info

Content Rich Design

Hosting your Website

Site Maintenance


So, You Want a Website!

At Colordance Design we combine artistic, real world design solutions with expert web development to produce websites that are distinct, artistic, organized, and strategically targeted for your audience. To best collaborate together, we have outlined the following steps to help you understand the process.

  1. Understanding the Internet
    • Choosing your domain name
    • Choosing your hosting service
  2. Identifying your website requirements
  3. Deciding on visual concept and your logotype
  4. Organizing hierarchy of information
  5. Envisioning a content rich design
  6. Hosting your website
  7. Site maintenance

We will review each step with you, starting with a short tutorial on basic web operation along with a thorough review of your requirements, followed by thumbnail sketches with pencil and paper. The length of time it takes to get your site published depends on how long we spend on each step. This can take anywhere from a week to many months. We will e-mail PDF versions of the logotype, homepage and secondary page banner design to you for your approval and suggested revision. Your site will be published once you approve the design and we receive enough content from you to proceed.

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